Death is a topic that most people don’t like to think much about, but as we all know, its an unavoidable part of life. By putting a financial plan in place now you may be able to make this a
less difficult time for your loved ones should you die.

Capital Acquisitions Tax is charged at 33%. If you want to leave your assets to someone other than your spouse or civil partner then they may be liable to this high tax. Your assets include your home, savings, pensions or possessions.

With effective financial planning these tax liabilities can be mitigated or removed completely. It is therefore vital that you implement a well thought out plan for the successful transfer of assets either in your life time or on your death.

Succession Planning

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Tax Reliefs
  • Insurance
  • Whole of Life Section 72

Tax Considerations:

  • Retirement Relief
  • Business Asset Relief
  • Agricultural Relief
  • Dwelling House Exemptions
  • Family Limited Partnerships – FLP
  • Annual Gift Exemption