Taxation is the single most significant drain on your finances throughout your lifetime. This is why we offer a comprehensive tax planning service to clients looking to mitigate their tax bill.

We provide advice and assistance in designing strategies to reduce your corporation tax, income tax and capital gains tax liabilities. You can minimise your tax bill through effective tax planning with the use of tax reliefs, allowances and tax efficient structures, allowing you to structure your business interests to retain wealth.

Succession planning is a critical aspect of the long term strategy of any Irish business and it simply seeks to ensure the tax efficient transfer of your business between the current and future owners of the business.

If you are looking to transfer your business to a family member or others. Setting a plan in place early will allow you to maximise opportunities, set a realistic timeline, increase your retirement benefits and have the most tax effective strategy for the transfer of the company.

Areas to Consider

  • Annual small gift exemption Business Asset Relief
  • Retirement Relief
  • EIIS
  • Maximise Pension Contributions Tax efficient Protection arrangements