Director Pensions

Probably the most tax efficient way to extract profits from your business is through an executive or directors pension due to the very attractive funding options available. A company can set up a pension for its directors which allows them to transfer company profits away from the business and avoid paying the corporation tax on these profits.

Any contributions to the directors pension are flexible and there is no BIK liability on the monies received from the company. The director can also make personal contributions to these plans to reduce their own personal tax liability.

An additional benefit of these plans is that the director can retrieve their pension from age 50 and avail of one of the many retirement options.

Group Pensions

As an employer, providing a well designed company pension plan to your employees fosters goodwill and helps to attract, motivate and retain key employees.
Secure Financial will play an active role in engaging your employees so that they recognise the value of your company’s investment in them and become actively involved in their own retirement planning.

Some employers find setting up a company pension to be a difficult and owner-sum obligation, this does not have to be the case. With a Group Personal Retirement Savings Account PRSA, you can provide your employees with the most straight forward and cost effective company pension benefit

Group PRSA Employer Benefits

  • No trust obligation to employer
  • Incentive to recruit, motivate and retain staff
  • Corporation tax relief on employer contributions
  • Employer can also avail of protection benefits for key staff, such as life assurance and income protection.

Group PRSA Employee Benefits

  • Employees receive up to 40% tax relief on contributions
  • PRSA investment growth is tax free
  • Flexible retirement benefits
  • Employee can receive a tax free lump sum on retirement


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