Importance of Business Protection

While we all hope and often believe it wont happen to us, the reality is that people throughout Ireland are affected by unexpected illness and premature death every day. The chances of a partner or director dying or becoming serious ill before retirement, are probably a lot higher than you might think.

Many problems can arise for a business when a partner or director dies prematurely or becomes seriously ill. The surviving owners may have insufficient funds available to purchase the deceased owners share of the business or in doing so, getting into financial difficulty because of a key employee’s death/

What would happen to your business if a co-director died prematurely

  • Would you maintain control of your business
  • Do you have the funds to buy back your co directors share of the business from their family
  • Has your business put a plan place for such an event.

Why Take out Business Protection

  • Provides funds needed to buy out a deceased partners share of the business
  • Provides for a deceased business owners family in the event of premature death
  • Ensure a surviving business partner retains ownership and control of the business
  • Avoids the need for personal loans to be taken out.

Business Protection

  • Key Person Insurance
  • Co-Directors Insurance
  • Corporate Co-Directors Insurance
  • Partnership Insurance
  • Employee benefit package